13 May 2006

Kye Brackett

Entertainer/ Empowerment ArtistMy dream is:
(pronounced free zone) A place that merges my living and my life. (e.g. How I make my living and what I want to make of my life)

Basically, it's people gathering to create an environment of acceptance and intentional empowerment of others and this environment exists as a dinner club which will also house the artistic, culinary creations of both me and people from both my community/world. Those who choose to create and trust powerful expressions of life as an expanding collective. PHREEXONE will also include a wellness center and
schools of both culinary arts (by day) and performing arts for youth (on weekends).
Most importantly PHREEXONE will serve as a global touchstone for any of those whom WE touch to visit and/or send others to in order to get a dose of and/or connected to) that which WE are: People who choose to BE the world they wish to see gathering to exist in and practice BEING, while simply enjoying a night out amongst people of like intentions. PHREEXONE will be the place that WE all know that we can go, at anytime, to connect with the WE.
Have I mentioned that my dream is that this place be the place that any and/or all of us*, get to do that which we are most passionate about and make as lucrative a living as you would at any other place you might work that would offer you as much expressive freedom. All this, not to mention that you get to BE that which you choose to be celebrated for.

THAT is my dream.

(*people in my immediate community/circle of friends)

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